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Position Title: Regional Volunteer

Location: Various regional locations around Australia

Responsible to: QLife capacity building manager

Connect project description: QLife is a national teleweb counselling and referral service. This service is delivered from four metropolitan centres. QLife recognises the importance of being a truly national service therefore the Connect project has been developed to actively engage volunteers from regional centres across Australia.

The Connect volunteers will promote, represent and foster goodwill towards QLife in their local communities. The main aims of the volunteer roles are to increase awareness of QLife in regional centres and to expand the QLife referral data base.

The Connect Volunteers will achieve these aims by using local knowledge of the community to engage with services, organisations and community groups that service LGBTI people in regional areas. This is not a counselling role.

Duties & Activities:

  • Complete the Connect training
  • Promote QLife services in regional areas by meeting with services, organisations and community members
  • Distribute the QLife promotional material provided
  • Liaise with and provide feedback to the QLife volunteer support staff
  • Build local networks of LGBTI people and allies who can assist in promoting QLife services locally
  • Create a local LGBTI community profile that can be used by QLife to better understand the region and add to the data base
  • Take part in scheduled volunteer meetings/ hang outs etc, to share ideas and strategies to improve the project

Skills or Qualities required for the role:

  • Must have lived experience of or a strong understanding of the issues faced by LGBTI people
  • Must have enthusiasm for supporting LGBTI communities
  • Have broad knowledge of the local community, including services, organisations or community groups that may support LGBTI people
  • Have the ability to engage people in conversation and promote QLife
  • Have a willingness to make telephone calls and attend visits at organisations and social / community groups
  • Have the willingness and ability to feed information back to QLife
  • Be interested in the welfare of LGBTI people living in regional areas
  • Have a strong understanding of confidentiality and respectful communication

Connect will provide volunteers with information, support and training including:

  • Awareness of the key issues faced by LGBTI people living in regional areas
  • An understanding of the work of the National LGBTI Health Alliance and similar services
  • Developing promotion skills
  • Connecting with local service providers
  • Connecting with the local LGBTI Community
  • Connecting with other national volunteers
  • How to contribute to the development of solutions to support LGBTI people in regional areas
  • A written reference that can be used in job seeking, study, community roles etc

Requirements of the role:

  • Volunteer commitment of three months (approximately 3-6 hours per fortnight, this can be  flexible to fit individual)
  • Participate in induction training and further training as needed
  • Keep an accurate record of hours worked
  • Keep a record of organisations, services and community groups visited and promotional materials distributed
  • Take part in regular support and debrief calls with QLife/ Connect staff
  • Take part in regular volunteer support meetings (online)
  • Strong positive regard for LGBTI communities
  • A strong desire to promote and support QLife

To apply for this role please contact us here