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Phone and web counselling

Switchboard provides a FREE telephone and web peer-based counselling, information and referral service

Switchboard is the Victorian partner in the national telephone and web counselling, information and referral service Qlife. This service is for LGBTQI identifying people and those who have questions or concerns about LGBTQI issues. This includes families, friends, teachers and co workers of LGBTQI people.

Phone and chat

Speak to one of our volunteers or QLife partners by calling 1800 184 527 or chat online between 3pm and 12 midnight every day of the week.

You are invited to explore any issue including referrals, community connections, thoughts and feelings around sexual orientation and/or gender identity. All conversations are confidential, anonymous and non-judgmental. Please note that clinical intervention, therapy and case management are outside the scope of Switchboard’s services. Please call 000 if you are in an immediate crisis.

What is Peer-Based Counselling?

Peer-based counselling is a type of counselling based on the principles of support between peers with shared lived experiences. In this respect, Switchboard counsellors are trained volunteers who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex or Queer. Our volunteers are committed to a framework of respect, anonymity and collaboration with members and friends of our LGBTIQ communities.