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About Us

Who we are

Switchboard Victoria is a community-based not for profit organisation that provides a peer based, volunteer run support service for LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex) people and their friends, families and allies.

What we offer

Phone and web counselling. Switchboard is the Victorian partner in the national telephone and web counselling, information and referral service QLife. This FREE service is for LGBTQI identifying people and those who have questions or concerns about LGBTQI issues. This includes families, friends, teachers and co workers of LGBTQI people.

Community connections for older people. Switchboard runs Out & About, a social home visiting service for LGBTQI Victorians at risk of social isolation. This FREE service is coordinated in partnership with the National Community Visitors Scheme.

QTIPoC project. Switchboard runs a QTIPoC project aiming to build greater equity for Queer and Trans Indigenous Peoples and/or People of Colour and People of Faith.

Where we came from

Switchboard continues to operate within the framework established in 1991 by our founders, a collective of motivated individuals who identified as LGBTQI. From their own life experiences, our founders identified the value of establishing a peer-based volunteer counselling service that could affirm the experiences of LGBTIQ people. With this aim in mind, they committed to delivering a fully inclusive service, open to all callers without discrimination on the basis of sex, gender, ethnicity, age, ability, religion, health, financial or social status, geographic location or isolation, sexual orientation or political belief.

Today, Switchboard continues this tradition through providing phone and web support to the LGBTQI community as the Victorian partner of the national QLife project.

Our Board (2017-2018)

President: Bridget Gargan

Vice President:

Secretary: Alistair Riddell

Treasurer: Kenny Yu

Executive General Member: Mary Koutzamanis 

General Member: Sarah Marlowe

General Member: Christine Haag

General Member: Emma Dardick

General Member: Deborah May

General Member: Nathanial Taylor

General Member: Amelia Arnold



Our staff

CEO: Joe Ball

Out & About Program Coordinator: Ada Castle

Telephone and Web (Teleweb) Counselling Manager: Libby Jamieson

Counseling Supervisor: Jenna Tuke

QTIPoC Project Cordinator: Caroline Ridler

Office Manager: George Munro