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QTIPoC Project



The QTIPoC (Queer,Trans, Intersex and/or People of Colour) project aims to enhance understanding and build equity for LGBTIQ people who are  People of Colour and People of Faith. We will be using an approach taken from Racial Literacy and Anti-Racist organising to inform our professional development, community consultation and recruitment. We are hoping this will create a safer and genuinely equitable environment for everybody participating at Switchboard.

Professional development and training

The QTIPoC Project can offer tailored professional development and training on the following topics:

  • LGBTIQA+ multicultural and multi faith cultural competency
  • Anti racism and racial literacy
  • Intersectionality
  • Self-reflexivity on power and inequality
  • Equity and affirmative action approaches

The Project Coordinator is available for consultations and can review training packages upon request.

More information

Contact the QTIPoC Program Manager via